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Play Time

Camping should be fun and it’s more fun when you haven’t been tripping over ropes in the dark.

Let us light up your ropes and you can stop tripping and keep playing


Got a question about TripFree, where to buy them, how to sell them in your shop or anything else?

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Also the key for...

The TripFree also has some other cool uses… put one on your keys and you’ll be amazed at their glow, making them easier to find and a little more green (I gave my tag the nickname “Kermit”)

Retail Outlets

Does your camping store stock TripFree yet? We’d really like them to have the opportunity to do so, want to help?

If you introduce your camping store to us and they start stocking TripFree, we’ll give you a thank you gift (and you’ll enjoy that helpful glowing feeling of helping other campers)

Interested In Stocking Our Products?

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About Clever Equipment Pty Ltd:

Clever Equipment is an Australian company that has been created to provide you with innovative solutions to make your life better, with a particular focus on outdoor/camping products.

Our commitment is to source, test and bring to market quality products that will bring improvement to the quality of your safety and enjoyment of the things you love to do. With the Australian invented TripFree glowing rope tensioners now available and increasing in distribution, we are already working with our suppliers for other great products.

If you haven’t already heard about or gotten hold of your TripFree glowing rope tensioners, we recommend you check them out here, so you have the opportunity to make your next camping trip, trip free.

For any questions, feedback, clever ideas or anything else you’d like to discuss, you can contact Clever Equipment via phone or email – just head to our contact page for details.

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