Glowing Tent Rope Tensioners


TripFree Glowing Tent Rope Tensioners

Thanks to Clever Equipment and their new glowing tent rope tensioners, your camping trips can now be trip free.

No longer do you need to find your tent ropes at night by tripping over them, with TripFree rope tensioners, there is a solution.

TripFree glowing tent rope tensioners will glow for up to 12 hours after just a few hours of sunlight, making them ideal for your next camping trip.

Proudly distributed by Clever Equipment Pty Ltd, TripFree rope tensioners are now available.

Now you can enjoy camping trips, without the trips, thanks to TripFree.

When you camp with TripFree rope tensioners, you really are a clever camper!!!


Installing your TripFree glowing tent rope tensioners is simple.

All you need to do is:

1. Thread the end of the rope through the two holes and then tie a knot (works on all standard ropes 3-6mm)

2. Take the loop of rope and secure to your tent peg, positioning the TripFree so it is about 80 cm from the ground (this will make it easiest to be seen when walking past)

3. For best results, give your TripFree glowing tent rope tensioners a few hours of sunlight before nightfall. This will maximise the glow.

4. Enjoy your camping trip


Once you have your TripFree glowing rope tensioners, you’ll simply and safely be able to overcome one of camping’s most common frustrations… tripping over tent ropes in the dark.

Although the benefits of the TripFree doesn’t end there. If you ever struggle with finding your keys in the dark, why not attach a TripFree to your keys? It’ll make it easier to find your keys, which is particularly useful for camp grounds with locked toilet facilities… you don’t want to be scrambling in the dark to find that key!

TripFree Glowing Tent Rope Tensioners

Get your glowing tent rope tensioners today – get TripFree.