TripFree glowing rope tensioners

No more tripping over ropes at night with TripFree

If you’ve ever tripped over a rope in the dark, you’ll appreciate how important the TripFree glowing rope tensioners can be.

The great joy of camping is that  you can get away from the city lights, and really appreciate the star filled skies, which leaves the area around your tent somewhat dark.

Of course, the only catch here is that, darkened guy ropes are really good trip hazards, until now…

TripFree camping

With TripFree you can enjoy camping trips without trips

Imagine being able to see the your tent ropes at night, rather than just feel them as you trip over and come crashing down?

With your new glowing tent rope tensioners, you can continue to enjoy all the good things about your camping trip, but do it without the trips. Glowing for up to a massive 12 hours, TripFree rope tensioners provide a battery free solution that really can glow all night, with a stable, soft glow to enable you to easily spot your tent ropes in the dark, without the unpleasant trips.

In addition to providing a night long glow on your tent ropes, the TripFree is a high quality tent rope tensioner. Working with all tent ropes from 2mm – 8mm in diameter, the TripFree has been tested and proven to reliably tension your tent ropes in a wide range of weather conditions. In many cases, replacing your existing rope tensioners with TripFree will give you an improved rope tensioner, and of course, a solution to the trip hazard of tent ropes that can’t be seen in the dark.

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Why TripFree Camping

In creating the TripFree, many other options were investigated, but repeatedly came up short of being able to sustain a night-long glow. You may have seen other options on the market, and we are glad others are concerned about this issue too, but for a sustained result, we couldn’t find anything we were happy with, until now… and that’s why we happily endorse, supply and distribute the TripFree glowing rope tensioners. We believe that you deserve to also enjoy your camping trips, trip free (of course you could find other things to trip over if you like falling on your face, but we were particularly concerned about helping you not trip over ropes for now).

So when it comes to your next camping trip, you now have a new choice. Why not decide to make your next camping trip a TripFree adventure.